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How our new flagship Luftkuss crafted?

Our new flagship puffer coat Luftkuss is up for sale right now.

As you know, we launched our long-awaited new giant puffer coats a week ago. This collection is significant and symbolizes the new approach XUMU will adopt from now on in terms of the drop rate of new garments uncommitted to the seasons and our approach to collaborations with other brands.

You can remember the new garments from this link.

End of the artistic solidarity 

The new collection has 14 giant coats and 3 masks to keep you stylish under the pandemic reality. The flagship garment of the collection is a candy pink giant puffer coat with an elastic waistband, named Luftkuss. This coat is XUMU's first-ever product as a result of a collaboration. 

XUMU designers are always trying to achieve new forms of innovation in our garments. This passion and drive for quality is a rare ambition for today's streetwear. That's why all our previous garments were exclusively crafted with our interior talents, abilities, and infrastructure. The Luftkuss changed this solidarity for good.

The new flagship brings the new era

The flagship of the new collection is named after our partner Luftkuss Atelier, another German-based fashion house. Lutkuss Atelier gave our artists the necessary resolution to make extraordinary design choices. Thanks to the visioner artisans of Luftkuss, the giant coat got its unique form and feel from our designer's dreams.

Luftkuss coat is sure to be the beginning of something new and excited for XUMU. Our designers and Luftkuss' artisans will work together to create a state of art new garments with inimitable features.