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Legendary Lovers

Today we are inviting you on a time travel to witness one of the most iconic love stories in history, which inspired the rarest two pieces of XUMU.

Suleiman the Magnificent was devoted to his queen Hürrem Sultan with great love. This love was so deep, he defied the traditions and married her and stayed loyal to her till the end. That was not an ordinary thing to see in the Ottoman Empire. Kanuni loved her so much, Hürrem Sultan's name came to the witch among the people. Later, she bore him a son and became the Haseki Sultan.

"My beloved, my heaven, my shining moon
Flatterer near your door, I always praise you
My Istanbul, My Bagdad, my land of Rum
Heart full of love, eye full of light
Oh my Sultan, you make me happy"

She also knew how to steal the public's heart with her good deeds and managed to receive their prayer. The legendary love of Hürrem and Suleiman was an extraordinary epic. There is no other example of a Sultan and Haseki love story in Ottoman history that matches them. Suleiman the Magnificent was a master poet and an artisan. He always showed his love and affection to his wife Hürrem Sultan with the jewelry he crafted and the gazelles he wrote to her.

"My love, my land, my world of treasure
To you I sing, do you feel too?
My Wien, My Rome, my land of Mesopotamia
Heart full of love, eye full of light
Oh my Muhibbi, you make me a fool"

This story is becoming even more striking when you consider Hürrem Sultan came to the Ottoman palace as a foreign slave girl Roxelana. She was an unstoppable lioness, a woman of determination, and manage to become one of the most influential figures in the empire's six centuries-long history.


As you know, we have created our first and most iconic giant coat collection with the inspiration we took from history's most iconic rulers. The flagship coats of that collection were Kanun and Sultana, inspired by Suleiman The Magnificent and Hürrem Sultan. 

Kanun alone is worth the whole world. One of the rarest pieces of the XUMU collection, Kanun carries traces from the authentic ambiance of the East while gazing at the West and standing up to the whole world. The one and only, premium Kanun is like fulfilling music to the ears, a historic landmark to the eyes, an exotic spice to the palate, and a breath of fresh air to the soul.

Giant XUMU zippers with the bronze look, a special giant arm design with zipper shortcuts for easy use, and felt stuffed strap hooks are the biggest helpers of the Kanun. Add a giant shoulder XUMU icon laser printed on leather. Sit back and watch the whole world from above. Plush outside, puffer inside, this one size giant coat make you feel the whole wherever you are and wherever you go. Besides details, the overall luxurious unique appearance is what makes Kanun unique. Don't think of this premium coat as a classic faux fur coat. Wear your iconic XUMU strap over your shoulders and show the world what postmodern fur is. An award ceremony, a prom, a rap battle, a red carpet show, or more. There is no war you cannot win with the Kanun as you make your own rules as law. Just like the Suleiman the Lawgiver.


Sultana is the ultimate outwear for those who bear a queen inside. An important invitation, a concert of your favorite artist, or lunch with someone special. Sultana is ready to make you the darling of any occasion with its remarkable black finish.

The plushy outer surface gives you a serious tone, while the puffer inner surface softens the air and gives you a refreshing comfort. And the special giant arm design with a zipper shortcut makes you ready for any desirable action. The limitlessness offered by XUMU is felt in every corner of the Sultana. Giant shoulder XUMU icon handcrafted with Swarovski crystals turns all eyes on you. This premium giant coat is far different than conventional fur coats. Whether you wear it with a supermini skirt or with a long dress, you will surely remind the world who their queen is, just like Roxelana has done it.

We have created a price-favorable bundle of Kanun and Sultana for the first time. Now you can show your affection to your significant other with these coats. Both of you will carry the traces of an unyielding eternal love between an emperor and a slave girl who became a queen.

You can visit the Legendary Lovers bundle page by clicking the image below: