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The XUMU guide to Christmas gifts for 2020

We all have mixed feelings about 2020, and nice to see it finally end. Now it's a good time to share this spirit with your friends and family.

Internet is a giant shopping mall, and we are sure you already have something in your sight. But if you are not sure how to flatter some of those special ones in your life, we are here to help you with some ideas.

Face masks & accessories

Let's face two facts at once: COVID-19 precautions will be perceivable in 2021, and your surgical grade mask isn't pretty. 100% Cotton material doesn't limit your breathing. You can choose from three different variants; red or black monogram or black XUMU logos.


XUMU's silky suede Circadian is the perfect combination of the t-shirt and sweatshirt. This oversize garment is one of our rare pieces made for a specific gender.


Doodle covered Fraction is something light to stroll around. It's the perfect party coat to conceal your sparkling dance gear while on the road. It might come in handy in 2021...


Ephemeris is the only raincoat you need for everyday use. XUMU monogram, transparent pockets, and hoody bring elegance to the men and women on the rush.


Arrow, an oversize cotton hoodie, proves it's easy to look cool with little to no effort. It is one of the magical clothes that you can go everywhere in them and feel comfortable. 

Monogrammed giant puffer coat

Our new wave of giant coats brings many dreams to life. This coat is covered with the iconic XUMU monogram. It is still a giant but much lighter than its predecessors.

Intense purple giant puffer coat

Do you love purple color? This puffer coat is inspired by your all-time favorite Pucelle and adds an eyeful purple to the mix. And, it keeps the same puffiness.

Pucelle Remastered

We love it, you love it, even "they" love it secretly. Pucelle is the foremother of the giant puffer coats, and this remastered version keeps everything great about it in a much lighter form.


We wouldn't keep out the forefather of the giant plush coats. Kanun is the giant coat every grandpa would like to wear, and feel fabulous in it. This coat is out of stock at the moment but will be back in January. But you should get in touch with us if you believe Kanun is the one you were looking for all along.

Couldn't you find what you were looking for here? Be sure to check all XUMU products via this link