XUMU announces Spirit, world's first-ever invisible giant coat

XUMU, the original creator of the giant puffer and plush coats, has announced the first-ever "invisible" garment addition to its everlasting giant coats collection. The invisible giant coat is made possible by XUMU's extensive R&D efforts with interdisciplinary partnerships. XUMU found an efficient way to include lenticular lenses on top of the newly patented translucent puffer fabric.

You can learn more about the invisible coat and place your order via here.

How the world’s first invisible coat developed?

XUMU designers took their inspiration for this one-of-a-kind coat from jellyfish and other transparent sea creatures. Researchers commissioned by XUMU examined platelet, tiny structures found in some translucent sea creatures' skin. This structure bends polarized light to make creatures almost invisible. Engineers worked on various materials to replicate this capability without harming any living thing. Biotechnology allowed XUMU researchers to replicate the translucent structure and incorporate it into the fabric. As a result of this effort, XUMU has created 99,8% translucent fabric. And with this combination, the intelligent fabric keeps the coat invisible, whereas lenses can't bend the light effectively.

The first step of the innovation was finding a way to use lenticular lenses not to limit wearers. After many different prototypes, the joint team of engineers and designers created the perfect, lightweight lens structure.

Engineers used multiple sheets of lenticular lenses to create a layout for refracting light at a myriad different angle. This method generates dead spots. Light can't pass through these points, hides the fabric underneath, and make the coat seem invisible.

The phenomenon of refraction, which is the bending of light, occurs when light passes from one medium of a certain intensity to another medium of unequal intensity at an angle. Light bends as it passes from one medium to another. It changes speed due to the difference in densities.

Special googles for Trulvnis™ Fabric
XUMU developed special goggles for artisans to work with TruInvis™ fabric. The fabric is visible to the wearer of these goggles under UV light.

The science behind the invisible coat

This breakthrough was made possible by utilizing different science and art fields. The engineers used the following equation to create the sense of invisibility, which is an unprecedented innovation, which will change the world we know forever. And we are sharing this scientific breakthrough with the world to help elevate the advancement:

  • is the angle between the extreme ray and the normal at the point where it exits the lens,
  • is the pitch, or width of each lenticular cell,
  • is the radius of curvature of the lenticule,
  • is the thickness of the lenticular lens
  • is the thickness of the substrate below the curved surface of the lens, and
  • is the lens's index of refraction.

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