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XUMU is as XUMU does

We witness a constantly changing world full of catastrophe, happiness, trouble, and joy. All intertwined to each other. Our mission is to accompany you in this ambiguous sequence, not only with the garments we design but also with the ideas we explore. And as you know, all our garments represent stories, carry direct or vague remarks. We see fashion as a medium to communicate with you and with all the world through you. 

XUMU represents an attitude towards the world, and this attitude isn't strictly connected to what you wear. XUMU is not what you wear. XUMU is as XUMU does. XUMU is the wiggle room you have, without taking things too seriously, a chirpy bravado against the status quo. If you managed to stay lighthearted, shrewish, and be a do-gooder all at once, you are already with us, regardless of your wardrobe and style choices. 

Moving forward, we will keep inviting you to dare with us. Dare to wear things most can't. Dare to be bold in alignment with your nature. Dare to be judged by the people you will never see again. Dare to be yourself without any shackle society casts on you. And if you may, dare with XUMU.