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XUMU Launches 2019 Winter Collection of Giant Coats

XUMU launches the first collection consisting of giant coats for men and women. With this collection, the brand is sharing its solution for disrupting the boundaries.

The collection has 8 astonishingly designed garments with distinctive sizes and each of them comes with one-size-fits-all form. XUMU coats are compatible with several specially designed useful accessories to help realize the wearer's preferences.

The puffer and plush giant coats by XUMU are on pre-order at the official online store and will launch on 15 August worldwide. 



Giant puffer–plush coat adorned with Swarovski™ crystals

Sultana is the ultimate outwear for those who bear a queen inside. An important invitation, a concert of your favorite artist, or lunch with someone special… Sultana is ready to make you the favorite of any occasion with its remarkable black finish. The plushy outer surface gives you a serious tone, while the puffer inner surface softens the air and gives you a refreshing comfort. And the special giant arm design with zipper shortcut makes you ready for any desirable action.


Giant super glossy puffer coat with a giant collar design

For those whose glitter is everywhere; Pucelle… This short and super glossy coat is one of XUMU's signature products. The exploding red color covered on provocative nylon makes a powerful glow that turns all eyes to you. Pucelle is the ultimate outfit of modern and confident women. Can’t decide over sporty or stylish? Why not both? Don't limit yourself. Just put on your giant jacket and go wherever you want to. In some way or another, you will be the one spoken most the day after.


Giant, extra-long puffer coat with a customizable collar design

Thea is an embodiment of XUMU's creative and innovative fashion concept. It is also a perfect match for those who care about personalization. With the large XUMU embroidery on his arm, Thea becomes inspiring. The zipper in your arms reveals your uninhibited personality. The XUMU lettering on Thea’s giant collar reflects the brand’s mark on the world. Or put on the patch with the XUMU slogan and make your mark on the world.


Giant, extra-long puffer coat with the detachable handbag

A confident red matt finish, zippered sleeves, a pocket that you can use as a handbag and more. Meet Bess, one of the most exotic pieces of XUMU collection. The original XUMU doodles covering the interior make you the most unusual of your environment. The XUMU emblem on the arm teaches everyone around you where your difference comes from. It brightens you up. Most jackets may have pockets on them but they do not give anyone the luxury to use it as a bag, except Bess. You can support your uniqueness with the detachable handbag.


Giant puffer-plush coat with giant rib-knitted waist and wrist

There are not enough words to describe it, not enough fabric to weave, nor enough eyes to watch. The Kanun alone is worth the whole world. One of the rarest pieces of the XUMU collection, Kanun carries traces from the authentic ambiance of the East while gazing at the West and standing up to the whole world. The one and only premium Kanun is like a piece of fulfilling music to the ears, a historic landmark to the eyes, an exotic spice to the palate, and a breath of fresh air to the soul.


Giant, extra-long puffer coat with the special pattern finish

Chansonnier is the ultimate expression of XUMU’s casual attitude. Whether you wander on streets, sit on a café, or sip your coffee in an airport lounge, Chansonnier is designed to make you feel comfortable anytime and anywhere. With its extra-long length and vibrant XUMU patterns placed both inside the giant hood and on the snap pockets, Chansonnier is the perfect cut for energetic souls that can't fit into the world.


Giant super glossy puffer coat with a giant collar design

Short in body, long in history, Hardknud’s story dates back to 9th century. A period when local artisans processed bronze jewelry and turned into an ageless beauty. Just like our local artisans did on Hardknud. They gathered a few meters of fine fabrics, a few shiny stones, and special XUMU accessories and created this striking jacket. Although the source of inspiration goes back in time, Hardknud's lines are far ahead of the modern world. Featuring a puffy structure and bright fabric, this super glossy coat will be your best companion anywhere and at any temperature. 


Giant, extra-long puffer coat with a customizable collar design

Setting off from the East, heading for the West... Wherever he goes, Volodimen finds something of himself. Wherever he goes, Volodimen leaves traces of himself. Volodimen is designed for those who dare to make their mark on the world. Volodimen is one of the best products that reflects XUMU's libertarian and innovative fashion concept, reflecting details from all over the world. It is also a perfect match for those who care about their personality.



XUMU is a Berlin, Germany based luxury fashion brand. The brand focuses on creating astonishingly bold and comfortable luxury garments with the latest innovative, sustainable and responsible technologies. The brand captures the essence of its achiever approach with "Not a Big Deal" (#nobiggie) signature. XUMU collections are available worldwide on the official online store and at selected department stores in USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and Turkey.