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XUMU Launches 2020 Summer/Spring Collection: Invariant

We are proud to present our second-ever collection named Invariant. The new collection contains 16 iconic garments, moreover two familiar standalone accessories from your favourite XUMU pieces. 

Regnal & Ephemeris

The collection is available worldwide on the Official XUMU Online Store and at selected department stores in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and Turkey.

Our Inspiration

Our designers took their inspiration from the concept of the Time to create unique garments of Invariant. The collection is also exceptional for showcasing XUMU's gender-fluid imagination.


A firm concept yet a delusional phenomenon, the Time was always the cornerstone of humankind's struggle of reading into existence throughout history. For some, it is the epitome of the fourth dimension. We are fascinated by how this perpetual system of dynamism is the most powerful ruler of the entire universe. Time is one of the few, and probably the single most powerful forces of nature humans yet to tame. You will notice each garment bear the traces of different theories, assumptions, and beliefs about this great marvel:

First Glance to the Collection

  • Paradox, a natural cotton black t-shirt with prints
  • Perdurant, a natural cotton white t-shirt with ultraviolet print
  • Sensation, a tight crop top with lacings
  • Circadian, a silky suede t-shirt in pale pink
  • Tachyon, a silky suede t-shirt in dark blue
  • Contingent, an X marked sweatshirt with sketches
  • Dreamtime, an oversize hoodie with print
  • Anachrony, a crop-top hoodie with sleeve vent
  • Millenniaa corduroy sweatshirt with frosted shoulders
  • Arrowan oversize cotton hoodie with pale pink stripes
  • Chronon, a crop bomber jacket with print
  • Fraction, a doodled red raincoat
  • Ephemeris, a special patterned raincoat with dark finishes
  • Lunar, a suede college jacket in purple
  • Regnal, a matte topcoat with detachable pockets for woman
  • Regnal, a matte topcoat with detachable pockets for man
  • Regnal Belt, a black metal belt with detachable pouches
  • Bess Bag, a versatile puffer bag with doodles

Regnal Belt, a black metal belt with detachable pouches