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XUMU launches 2021 Autumn/Winter Collection

We are proud to announce the 2021 Autumn/Winter collection. The new collection, crafted with care and passion, offers brand new outerwear pieces that are unique in design yet united in feel.

XUMU's passion for movement, freedom and creativity embodied in the AW21 collection. A trademark of lifestyle wear, the new collection merges innovative designs with a modern touch.

From graphic design details to the comfort of functionality, you will find every bit of street style in its purest form. By embracing a bold yet functional design approach and best production quality, that is a nod to XUMU’s heritage, the XUMU AW21 collection is a nod to universal street culture.

For the designs in this collection, we focused on the streets for inspiration. We benefited from the liberating, moving, courageous and self-indulgent aspects of the street and reflected them in our designs. The result was unique, original, bold and living garments.

The XUMU original giants' heritage continues in the new collection. Moreover, this time we updated the sizes so that it can fit every body type and size. You can enjoy newly updated “not-that-giant” jackets as you wish, regardless of your size, gender, style or others’ prejudices.