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XUMU went genderless

Fashion is the strongest visual reflection of expressing ourselves. What we wear is how we present ourselves to the world without compromising our beliefs and preferences - even if it means going against the rules that have been going on for years.

As a responsible fashion brand, our mission is to create equal and limitless opportunities for everyone to reflect themselves through the way they feel and dress. In a sector where clothes are mostly separated by genders, we set out to break these stereotypical norms and expectations by adopting a genderless fashion approach; a genderless future even.

Our “XUMU without GENDERS” slogan not only reflects a gender neutral garment movement, but also stands for a celebration of our heritage based on the idea of the liberating spirit of fashion. And with the launch of our newest FW22 GENDERLESS collection, we will solidify this approach by removing every discriminatory discourse about gender from all mediums we use.

By removing societal norms and gender expectations attached to clothing, with the XUMU without GENDERS movement, we aim to inspire those who want to live, feel and dress the way they are, want and feel. We offer everyone an opportunity to express themselves in a way that no one can interfere with what they believe and how they reflect it.

We are united in our differences. And we invite everyone to embrace their differences and love themselves as they are.