XUMU is as XUMU does

Since the day we began our journey, we have always had an attitude you have, without taking things too seriously, a chirpy bravado against the status quo.

Our “XUMU is as XUMU does” slogan highly represents this attitude. If you manage to stay lighthearted, shrewish, and be a do-gooder all at once, you are already in the XUMU community, where you are free of any judgement.

State of Commitment

We intend to produce winter-oriented activewear and streetwear clothes by embracing a bold yet functional design approach and best production quality.

All XUMU pieces are crafted with a juvenile enthusiasm, an artisanal approach and an artistic touch.


Minimum waste – maximum value

As a design-oriented brand, we produce specially designed products with limited quantities. This approach helps us use less electricity, less water, less raw material and eliminates the need for more work force.

Animal friendly

We have never used and will never use down filling or any real fur – leather material. We intend to stick to this policy as long as we are in this business.


It is not always possible to use 100% organic materials for a coat manufacturer. However we always use recyclable upcyclable or already recycled (e.g., ocean waste fiber) or upcycled (e.g., production waste) materials. We never waste our unsold products by burning or throwing them away. Instead, we upcycle them.


The textile industry is notorious for treating employees unfairly. We work even harder to fight against this notoriety. While we fulfill our obligation to the law with ethical payment and working conditions, we do more to satisfy our employees and partners. We are happy to claim that our own production facility in Istanbul has one of the best working conditions in the industry.

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