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By the roses of spring, grace of
swans, beauty of honour
Thy art promised human kindness
Body of a brittle, heart of a lion
Thy love is for thee
Thy reign is forever


Wanna try something unusual? A confident red matt finish, zippered sleeves, a pocket that you can use as a handbag and more. Meet Bess, one of the most exotic pieces of XUMU collection.

The original XUMU doodles covering the interior make you the most unusual of your environment. The XUMU emblem on the arm teaches everyone around you where your difference comes from. It brightens you up.

Most jackets may have pockets on them but they do not give anyone the luxury to use it as a bag, except Bess. You can support your uniqueness with the detachable handbag.

The giant metal zippers, giant hood with printed doodle pattern, and giant silicone XUMU icon on shoulder complete that glamorous hugeness. Bess reminds everyone what unique is.

With its extra-long length and vibrant XUMU patterns placed both inside the giant hood and on the snap pockets, Bess is the perfect cut for energetic souls that can't fit into anywhere they go.

XUMU patterns placed both inside the giant hood and on the snap pockets perfectly reflect the rich brand identity and create a great harmony with the matt red color of the coat. Giant zippers, interior sleeves, iconic XUMU patterns and giant XUMU emblem are the biggest details you will show off with.

The giant puffer coat also reflects the brand’s young, energetic, innovative and creative style perfectly. If you want to look both comfortable and stylish without compromising your style, Bess is the best outwear you will ever have.