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Singing in the rain
What a glorious day!
Where is my champagne?
I am happy again
They call me many names
Posthumous, troubadour, minstrel…
Though I prefer “Channsonnier”


Chanssonier is the ultimate expression of XUMU’s casual attitude.

Whether you wander on streets, sit on a café, or sip your coffee in an airport lounge, Chansonnier is designed to make you feel comfortable anytime and anywhere.

With its extra-long length and vibrant XUMU patterns placed both inside the giant hood and on the snap pockets, Chansonnier is the perfect cut for energetic souls that can't fit into the world. 

XUMU patterns placed both inside the giant hood and on the snap pockets perfectly reflect the rich brand identity and create a great harmony and contrast with the matt color of the coat. Giant zippers, interior sleeves, iconic XUMU patterns and giant XUMU emblem are the biggest details you will show off with.

The giant puffer coat also reflects the brand’s young, energetic, innovative and creative style perfectly. If you want to look comfortable, stylish and young without compromising your style, Chansonnier is the best outwear you will ever have.

The streets of Berlin, the Swiss Alps, under the Northern Stars... Choose the place and time. Take your coat with you, hit the roads, fly around the world, rule the world.