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Short but thick, broad like king, sometimes homesick,
Hardknud is the long-awaited bee sting
A bon viveur, known for his generosity,
always pleases the whole city
For all who wished to come to his courtesy
to be richly served with royal sumptuousness
making you feel in a big fantasy


Short in body, long in history, Hardknud’s story dates back to 9th century. A period when local artisans processed bronze jewelry and turned into an ageless beauty. Just like our local artisans did on Hardknud. They gathered a few meters of fine fabrics, a few shiny stones and special XUMU accessories and created this striking jacket.

Although the source of inspiration goes back in time, Hardknud's lines are far ahead of the modern world. Featuring a puffy structure and bright fabric, this super glossy coat will be your best companion anywhere and at any temperature. While reflecting the street style, you will have all the attention on rich invitations as well.

The giant XUMU logo printed on special quality plastic adds a stylish contrast to the jacket. The raised collar structure protects you from the cold and gives you a modernism and dynamism beyond the age. Short waist area and tidy structure provide mobility. And last but not least, the high-quality fabric will definitely dazzle whoever looks at you. If you are not bored of being the center of attention in crowds, Hardknud is the best outfit you will ever have.

You can decorate this one size giant puffer coat with different pieces. You can start using the doodle embroidered strap that comes with the jacket. Or hang a huge belt around your waist to handle your reign. You can use your hands freely by taking them out of the extra pockets with zipper shortcut for easy use.

Like every XUMU piece, Hardknud is designed to integrate with its owner. What's more, it's the only jacket that does this despite having a one-size-fits-all approach.