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My beloved, my heaven, my shining moon
Flatterer near your door, I always praise you
My Istanbul, My Bagdad, my land of Rum
Heart full of love, eye full of light
Oh my Sultan, you make me happy


There is not enough words to describe it, not enough fabric to weave, nor enough eyes to watch. The Kanun alone is worth the whole world.

One of the rarest pieces of the XUMU collection, Kanun carries traces from the authentic ambiance of the East while gazing at the West and standing up to the whole world.

The one and only premium Kanun is like a fulfilling music to the ears, an historic landmark to the eyes, an exotic spice to the palate, and a breath of a fresh air to the soul.

Giant XUMU zippers with bronze look, special giant arm design with zipper shortcut for easy use and felt stuffed strap hooks are the biggest helpers of the Kanun. Add a giant shoulder XUMU icon laser printed on leather. Sit back and watch the whole world from above.

Plush outside, puffer inside, this one size giant coat make you feel the whole wherever you are and wherever you go. Besides details, the overall luxurious unique appearance is what makes Kanun unique.

Don't think of this premium coat as a classic fur coat. Wear your iconic XUMU strap over your shoulders and show the world what a postmodern fur is.

An award ceremony, a prom, a rap battle, a red carpet show or more. There is no war you cannot win with the Kanun as you make your own rules as law.