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Our Precautions to Deliver Your XUMU Safely to Your Doorstep

We are facing one of the most dangerous outbreaks in modern history, and we all have a task to take the necessary precautions. 

We strongly recommend you follow the healthcare professionals and the guidelines published by the World Health Organization for staying safe from the COVID-19 outbreak. 

We have taken several precautions for your and our coworkers' health. Our head office crew continue to work from their homes. Our warehouse and logistics teams continue their work with maximum safety measures and shortest shifts possible.

All our products on our online store and department stores were produced long before the virus spread worldwide, and started to wait on the day it will be sold as packaged in our warehouses. We take the highest caution to keep our products clean by providing access to all our warehouses with necessary precautions such as gloves, masks, approved disinfectant solutions. Also, we have limited access to our warehouses.

All these measures will allow XUMU customers worldwide to safely access their products without fear of spreading the virus while shopping online.

It is also stated by the experts COVID-19 can't live very long on inanimate surfaces, and depending on the surface, risk levels fall to none in a few days at most.

Packaging and Shipping Precautions

We are working meticulously with all our colleagues and partners to keep packaging and shipping processes of your orders safe:

1. All packages and boxes disinfected before departure.

2. We deliver your orders with the TNT-FedEx partnership. The logistics conglomerate cooperates with the local authorities for the necessary safety measures. Please note, delays may occur, and even suspended temporarily in some regions. You can follow the updates from here.

3.You won't need to sign any documents during delivery. The delivery person will only get verbal approval from you (even behind the door). Therefore, it is possible to receive your product with minimum contact.

After Receiving Your Order

You can take some additional safety measures after receiving your orders:

1. When you receive a package, unbox it in risk-free areas such as in front of your doorstep while your gloves on, and throw the box in the garbage.

2. After receiving your package, clean your hands with soap and disinfectants.

3. Try to stay at home as much as possible. If you need to go out, be sure to take off your clothes in a safe area when you return.

4. Wash your clothes at temperatures as high as 60 degrees to the extent allowed by the cleaning instructions.