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Spirit guides you
Eyes hypnotize you
A light upon d’arc
Fleur-de-lis white, red and blue


For those whose glitter is everywhere; Pucelle…

This short and super glossy coat is one of XUMU's signature products. The exploding red color covered on provocative nylon makes a powerful glow that turns all eyes to you. Pucelle is the ultimate outfit of modern and confident women. 

Can’t decide over sporty or stylish? Why not both? Don't limit yourself. Just put on your giant jacket and go wherever you want to. In some way or another you will be the one spoken most the day after.

Special Giant collar design, glossy interior, giant metal zippers and special giant arm design with zipper shortcut for easy use are what make Pucelle an iconic XUMU product. 

The giant XUMU logo printed on quality plastic adds a stylish contrast to the jacket. The raised collar structure protects you from the cold and gives you an ageless modernism. Short waist area and tidy structure provide mobility. And last but not least, the high-quality fabric will definitely dazzle those who dare to look at you. If you are not bored of being the center of attention in crowds, Pucelle is the best outwear you will ever wear.

You can decorate this giant puffer coat with different pieces. Start using the doodle embroidered strap that comes with the Pucelle. Or hang a huge belt around your waist to crown your reign. You can use your hands freely by taking them out of the extra pockets with zipper shortcut.

Freedom is yours. With the exterior pockets in Pucelle, you can be both sporty and stylish. With special doodles in your arms, show everyone who is the boss. It is impossible not be hypnotized by Pucelle thanks to XUMU's bold design approach.