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My love, my land, my world of treasure
To you I sing, do you feel too?
My Wien, My Rome, my land of Mesopotamia
Heart full of love, eye full of light
Oh my Muhibbi, you make me a fool


Sultana is the ultimate outwear for those who bears a queen inside.

An important invitation, a concert of your favorite artist, or a lunch with someone special… Sultana is ready to make you the favorite of any occasion with its remarkable black finish.

Plushy outer surface gives you a serious tone, while the puffer inner surface softens the air and gives you a refreshing comfort. And the special giant arm design with zipper shortcut makes you ready for any desirable action. 

The limitlessness offered by XUMU is felt in every corner of the Sultana. Giant shoulder XUMU icon hand crafted with Swarovski crystals turns all eyes on you.

This premium giant coat is far different than conventional fur coats. Whether you wear it with a super mini skirt or with a long dress, you will surely remind the world who their queen is.