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Give me my robe, put on my crown
I have immortal longings in me
Now the juice of Egypt's grape shall moist this lip
The stroke of heart is as a lover's pinch
which hurts and is desired
Do you lie still?


Thea is an embodiment of XUMU's creative and innovative fashion concept. It is also a perfect match for those who care about personalization. 

With the large XUMU embroidery on his arm, Thea becomes inspiring. The zipper in your arms reveals your uninhibited personality. 

The XUMU lettering on the Thea’s giant collar reflects the brand’s mark on the world. Or put on the patch with the XUMU slogan and make your own mark on the world.

The extra-long puffer coat is accompanied by iconic XUMU details. Giant XUMU zippers, giant pockets and carefully printed eye-catching XUMU emblem highlight the brand's unique identity.

Adorned with original doodles, Thea makes you the most encouraging one of a roof party or a friends gathering in the evening.

Thea, which handles street style in a modernist harmony, is your biggest companion in any place and on any occasion. And with this contradictory piece, you will not shout that I am here, you will naturally draw attention to yourself.