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Upcycle Projekt

Due to the increasing population and our consumption habits, we have witnessed a huge waste problem in recent years and it affects all of us directly or indirectly. Recycling is seen as one of the most effective ways to cope with this problem. However, the limited amount of waste we can recycle stands out as another problem. At this point, upcycling stands out as an effective alternative.

Upcycling is one of the most effective solutions for the textile industry. By preventing unused clothes from turning into waste, and transforming these products into tools for designers to express their creativity and making new contributions to the industry with the innovative products produced, reveals a complete win-win situation.

As XUMU, we want to reward our customers who support this process, create impressive products by making the upcycle process attractive, and support environmental organizations with the income from the sale of these products.




w/ Galeries Lafayette

The “Upcycle Projekt” focuses on supporting environmentalism and creative fashion design trends. In order to disseminate this environmental campaign to a large audience and reach related communities, we support collaboration. Our biggest partner in this regard is Galeries Lafayette Istanbul. Working together, we also create a new business model that will contribute to their value proposition.


As part of our partnership with Galeries Lafayette Istanbul, we have launched an "upcycle clothing bin" implemented in our partner’s store. We ask the visitors to throw their old clothes into the bin to turn them into brand new, useful garments later. In return, we will give gift certificates that can be used in XUMU products to call our customers to action on the issue. Thus, we want to provide the users with the satisfaction of supporting an environmentalist movement while offering a financial benefit.