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Jump on your horse
Over hill, over dale, through bush, through brier
Sip from your horn
Hail Perun, love Mokosh, please Poliane
Become fearless
Through flood, through fire, at the end of the day


Setting off from the East, heading for the West... Wherever he goes, Volodimen finds something of himself. Wherever he goes, Volodimen leaves traces of himself. Volodimen is designed for those who dare to make their mark on the world. 

Volodimen is one of the best products that reflects XUMU's libertarian and innovative fashion concept, reflecting details from all over the world. It is also a perfect match for those who care about their personality.

The extra-long puffer coat is accompanied by iconic XUMU details. Giant XUMU zippers, giant pockets and carefully printed eye-catching XUMU emblem highlight the brand's unique identity. Like all other rare pieces in the XUMU collection, the Volodimen houses the one and only shoulder straps. You can use the doodle-patterned shoulder straps as accessory to achieve a great contrast with your matte coat.

The XUMU lettering on the Volodimen's giant collar is one of the most important details that reflect the brand's street style. If you like, you can get a more striking and personal look by covering the collar with the patch with the XUMU slogan.

Volodimen, which handles street style in a modernist structure, is your biggest companion in any place and on any occasion. And with this contradictory piece, you will not shout that I am here, you will naturally draw attention to yourself.