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XUMU is as XUMU does

We pulled a sneaky on you. No hard feelings now!

We are aware you expect us to constantly innovate. The "invisible giant coat" might be a bit of a stretch, but that's the edge you and us are connected over.

It might take longer than you expect for us to develop an invisible giant coat, but that's the point we wanted to make. We have founded XUMU to represent an attitude towards the world, and this attitude isn't strictly connected to what you wear. 

XUMU is not what you wear. XUMU is as XUMU does. XUMU is the wiggle room you have, without taking things too seriously, a chirpy bravado against the status quo. If you managed to stay lighthearted, shrewish, and be a do-gooder all at once, you are already with us, regardless of your wardrobe.

- Batuhan Dalcı